The hospital is a very wonderful place.

The nurse yelling at the relatives and well wishers sitting on the patient’s bed, the patient’s relatives shouting back at the nurse for breaking valuable family time.

The patient has a contagious disease and the nurse is simply warning them, but dem no wan #hearword.

The doctor subtly tells the caregivers to wear hand gloves while attending to their relative, the caregivers get angry, yes very very angry, the patient has a blood borne disease all the doctor was doing was telling them #hearword.

They come in to pray for the patient and while praying they lay hands on the patient who has a disease transmitted via body fluids, the smallish nurse tells them to wash their hands politely, they turn back shout at her for insulting them and to spite her they start eating in her very before. All she was saying was #hearword leeeh.

The patient is coughing seriously and has a strain of TB difficult to treat, the doctor isolates the patient and suddenly a lady comes with a baby insisting she needs to see her brother. Don’t see him now the nurse warns, she gets offended and when they are not looking, she sneaks into the isolation ward to see her brother with her baby. All the nurse was saying was #hearword oh.

The patient had just had an operation, don’t eat anything until we tell you the doctor says. Written boldly on the bed is “nothing by mouth”, her daughter comes in sees her mum screaming for hunger and out of inability to #hearword decides to give her mum food, the rest they say is history. Her mum rested in peace in her presence.

In another news

A church is like a hospital, and members like patients. Some are healthy and are in hospital for routine check up, some are actually very sick and are on admission, some are in the isolation ward.

That a girl or guy go to church does no mean they are marriage material, some actually came to devour vines in the vineyard.

That someone goes to church, does not mean the person has integrity. Some always sign against “medical advice” and abscond but run back when live happens.

Okay oh make I go read my book, say person Sabi speak Christainese no mean say the person na Christian.

By their fruits you shall know them.

Again what do I know?

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