Dare has spent 6 years of her life with Phillips. Dare started dating Phillips in school and pretty soon moved to Phillips room in school. Pretty soon, she was going for lectures from his, sorry their room. What better way to do her Industrial Training ( I. T.) in home management and husband maintenance. She was his wife, yeah effectively. She gave to him all wives, give to their husbands.

Phillip was abusive, yeah verbally… Whenever he got angry… He called her all sought of names. She felt so worthless whenever she was with him. But she validated her worth being with him, and satisfying him on bed. When verbal assault could not cower her into submission. He physically ‘panel beat’ her to remove every dent of insubordination. Several times she had threatened to leave him, and in fact moved over to her friends’ place but like ants flocking towards sugar she somehow always found her way back to him.

They won the Faculty Couple of the Year award… Back to Back to Back… They were the ideal campus couples.

Just 6 months ago ; she left the doctor’s room promising herself she will not tamper with her pregnancy again. Well that was what she has always said and this was the 6th time she was saying this. What was his excuse again… ‘He said he was not ready’.

Her academic performance went down faster than the crude oil price when Philips came into her life. She was indeed ashamed of the grade she left school with. They were done with school 2 years ago and Phillips was doing better financially than in those years.

His attitude though had not changed. Still verbally and physically abusive. ‘I will pray for him to change, there is nothing God cannot do’. In her heart of hearts she knew Phillips was not entirely hers. He had the tendency to always help himself out, a little here a little there. She had given up monitoring his text messages, WhatsApp messages and his Facebook messenger.

She knew she was headed towards the wrong direction but her mind was fixated on what people would say. ” They will mock me if I leave him. No one will marry me if he leaves me. I have put in so much to just let go. I won’t do another abortion again, if it’s in, I will use it to make him stay in”. She said to herself.

She woke up this morning shaken. In her dream she boarded a bus, she thought was headed to Rumuji Town but on getting to Rumuokoro the bus diverted and was heading towards Omagwa. She noticed the bus was going in the wrong direction.

She then summoned courage and asked the conductor where the bus was heading to…Owerri of course he shouted, ‘you no hear when I shout Owerri for Bus stop’. The bus had to be stopped, and she boarded another one that was going where she intended to go.

Was God speaking to her? How come she retraced her steps in a dream but could not have the courage to retrace her steps in the journey of life.

Someone tell Dare she is moving so fast but in the wrong direction.

Someone tell Dare the best time to stop, when you are headed towards a broken bridge is now.

Someone tell Dare she is looking for love in the wrong places, and that her maker loved her so much and died for her.

Someone talk to Dare, someone show Dare what love looks like.

Dare Jesus loves you.

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