How long is Medicine & Surgery? To the non-initiated, this is a very simple question, but to the initiated the answer to this question is not straight forward.

Medicine is actually 6 years plus X, where X can mean either one or more years. Medicine is one course if things don’t go your way can make you lose your self-belief and lessen your worth as a human being literally.

And so as I was walking into the hospital premises with my friend Dr Emmanuel Alfa I saw a medical student, we both know, and asked him which class he was in. His response stunned me.

“I don’t even know my class again” he said. He lamented that his original colleagues were now Doctors working and earning, while he was still in school frustrated.

Emmanuel called him and read a portion from scripture ” know we no man after the flesh”and  throw light to that scripture. I had never seen it from that light. I could see the way the eyes of the medical student brightened as he heard from God’s Word.

After he was served this three course meal, I then asked him the question again. Which class are you in? He gladly told me, we talked a bit and he left with springs in his steps.

Never let exams and situations define you. Never allow your failures or success in the past or present define you. You were made for more.

They may have called you names in ward rounds, said that thing in your skull is more of an apple than a brain, but never allow these words define you.

You are made in the image and likeness of God, keep moving on and walk and work with God to be all he Has made you to be.

Do have a great weekend indeed.


By the way, I saw the medical student recently and he has passed his examinations and he is in a new class.

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awesome write up! Really inspiring…

Thank you Stanley.

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