By Ovundah Nyeche

The focus for so long has been on the girl child…

Close your legs when you sit down, don’t talk like that, don’t walk like that, don’t allow a man touch you, learn how to cook and so on.

And so the manual for right living is thrown at the girl child early in life.

Her brother meanwhile may have no glimpse of what this manual looks like; hardly ever working at home, pampered, he is told to be a man, he is not told not to touch ladies.

And so we have many times well groomed ladies and then men who are actually males because of their third leg and nothing more.

Males who are adept at grabbing what is not theirs, males who measure their worth with the kind of designer clothes they have, males who judge themselves with the kind of shoes they wear and the kind of cars they drive, males who think they can get anything they want irrespective of what stands before them.

And so we gradually see a pattern, females changing to accommodate the kind of males available. Slay mamas will definitely appeal to soft boys, and drama Queens will turn drama Kings on. The reality is that the teeth that loves chewing gums, will love gums and will likely choose a pack of gums over a well cooked nutritious food. All that teeth knows is gums.

He never learnt how to accept no and so all the ladies that say no to him stuns him, since he must get what he wants, if she manages to win their trust and still says no, if he has the opportunity he will violate her.

He cannot handle them, there price is far beyond what he has in his emotional account and he knows he cannot buy them, he also cannot change to accommodate them and so he runs to his slay mamas.

In another news

When I heard about the murder of a man, trying to make ends meet, hustling to put small cash in his pocket simply because he came to deliver a phone, some group of scoundrels could not afford. I wept for this generation.

A lot of young people living lives they simply cannot afford, have phones that are worth more than the homes they stay in, drive cars they know they cannot maintain, wear designer clothes and perfumes they cannot afford. A lot of these people that should be looking for jobs or creating jobs but they live on social media harassing people up and down and many times praising a politician night and day and turning him to a god.

A lot of young people that should be admitted in Psychiatric hospitals, but because they have not yet started taking their clothes off, litter the public space causing nuisance and wreaking havoc.

God help our generation.

Raise your boys and your girls well.

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