Few years ago I attended a wedding reception on a regular working day, I think it was on a Tuesday and I was surprised, we were less than 30 at the reception.

‘Men afraid catch me’ there was no protocol, food and drinks were in excess and the couple seemed so happy, they are still happily married and she is currently working and living outside of the country with her husband.

Their wedding or was it reception was one of the best and most organized I have ever attended; I ate without yawning, in fact my only regret was not going hungry.

While this post in no way advocates a drab wedding ceremony, it is important intending brides and grooms cut their coat according to their cloth and avoid borrowing during wedding ceremonies to please people that don’t care.

Starting your marriage in debts, so your wedding will be the talk of the town is not wisdom at all.

Financial issues are one of the major causes of marital problems, don’t please people at the detriment of your happiness. When hunger dey hammer you, na your picture we go dey like and share, and many people go dey pray say dem want their wedding to be like una own.

Don’t please people because of likes on Facebook and Instagram, the reality will dawn on you when you are left alone with your spouse after the wedding when everyone has left.

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