Okay let me share a little secret, when I am told to submit my WAEC certificates, I usually present two certificates.

My secondary school WAEC result has just a pass in English Language; in fact only about 20 people in my entire school had a credit and above in English despite being taught by the legendary Mr Okoh. The rest of us had a pass or something worse in English.

Okay let me take you down memory lane, I attended a Catholic Seminary and one exam rule was that if you were caught copying during exams, you were expelled, even talking or doing combined work had serious consequences.

Also sorting or begging for marks or contributing money for supervisors was not something we knew there, WAEC fees were also not inflated. In fact as a supervisor, sending you to the seminary was trouble for you especially if you had in mind to collect contributions after exams, none whatsoever go reach your hand.

For reasons we could not explain an overzealous and angry supervisor had a clash with a no nonsense rector during our English Language exams and ‘strong hand’ touched all of us. That day I learnt first-hand that many times standing for what is right had consequences.

After my secondary school, I wrote several exams and I was shocked when I saw things for myself. In many exams you even saw parents cheating for their children and wards.

Well to the crux of the matter. Recently I saw someone who was supposed to be preparing for WAEC careless about preparation for the examination. The Junior WAEC results of the person I hear had more As than Antarctica.

Why you no dey read? Not to worry, our teachers will dictate the answers for us. I hear in some schools they write the whole answers for them on the board and when the results come out na 100% pass plus many As too numerous to mention the candidate dey get.

Little wonder people go to school and they are actually less educated and have an entitlement mentality.

The reality is that even from the cradle, young people have already been taught how to beat the system and the system is poorer for it.

So many times when I see, sparkling and amazing WAEC results, I say to myself by their fruits you shall know them.

Well what do I know?


Weldone Sir

Thank you Florence.

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