Nigerians love awoof… When you see a patient take your phone number, it is not usually to transfer money to your account, it is so that they can call you for free prescription after spending needless money on needless investigations on roadside laboratories, who if you don’t answer their calls would likely prescribe for them.

Nigerians love awoof, that is why they are most likely to go for medical treatment in any popular pharmacy that has a laboratory and probably 2 beds in the innermost chamber, where intravenous fluid can be hung for them.

They tell them what does the doctor know, they are too busy to care for you, they are also very expensive, since you will definitely buy the drugs here, why bother going to see the doctor.

And so my leg carried me somewhere, a senior doctor was attending to a patient. It was a health outreach, the patient limped to the outreach and somehow after he checked her blood sugar it was unrecordably high. She actually came because she thought she had malaria and typhoid.

In hospital Parlance, this patient was a time bomb, anyone that has this kind of patient at night knows his night cannot be his night again. And the patient had a swollen toe.

The Senior doctor, passionately talked with the patient and explained that oral drugs will not be able to bring her blood sugar down and she should rush to a hospital for admission, where they will give her intravenous fluid and insulin.

After speaking with her it looked like his speech was working and close to the outreach venue were hospitals and even a government specialist hospital and a missionary secondary health centre were not too far from there.

Na so the woman kukuma speak with pharmacist wey tell am say dem fit arrange am, and dey go give am drugs to help her sharp sharp.

Finally all the things wey my Oga tell this woman, fly for one ear, pass the other ear, come land for my ear.

I don’t know how it works, but she will not sleep in her house this night and somehow, it may be people that will carry her there.

In another news

I know a lot of responsible Pharmacists, I know those that call you to seek your permission before altering a prescription, I know those that call or personally come to clarify something you wrote or something you wrote that was not legible, I know those that call to make an important input for your patient.

But some others no dey hear word at all, at all.

A doctor is not a pharmacist and a pharmacist is not a doctor. A doctor is a doctor and a pharmacist is a pharmacist.

Thank me later.

When you have health issues, go to the hospital first , else somehow you go still land there and na person go dey talk for you.

Stop this mix am, mix am.

Abi you Don turn to turntable and the person wey dey mix am don turn to DJ.

Awoof dey purge.


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