Truly speaking many people generally don’t like hearing the truth. And these days people will gladly flock around someone that feeds their fantasies than tell them the truth.

I have one friend like that, he knows himself, In Sabi finish me. But I desire his words like sharwama. My wife is also one of my greatest critics, and e Sabi pain eh, but am better for it.

A girl changes boyfriends faster than a mother changes the diapers of her young baby with diarrhoea and her fans call her “baby oku”. Try advising her and you will understand what hell looks like.

A guy not working is driving an SUV and chaps around tell him the God wey do am for you make e do am for me. Ask him the source of his wealth and you are likely branded bad belle.
A lady dresses provocatively and has a PhD in breast exposure science. She has more likes on social media than the bones in her body and her teeming fans hail her. She is called sexy, hottie and they will likely pounce on anyone that tells her to dress properly and carry herself with dignity.

A guy is jobless, has no Naira to his name and is unwilling to work and to add little dignity to himself, he calls himself a politician and instead of his guys to encourage him to improve himself, look for a job or hustle right ; they call him a big boy.

A lady poses with rich stuff you know she or her parents cannot afford, she does not work, cannot keep a job, cannot cook…Yawns.  The phones she holds can start her a business. You know where she is coming from and you tell her babe make God bless me the way wey in take bless you ( Which God? ). Anyone that tells her the truth is judged an EP (Enemy of Progress).

Well that’s the way the world is these days, see evil and commot your eye, e consign you?

In another news

You are finished if all those around you are people who cannot look you in the face and tell you to #hearword

The hand that will slap you is still doing exercise.#continue


Really it’s a terrible thing I’d no one around a person can tell them the truth as it is.
Another thing,is also how this ‘truth’ is delivered or passed across.
Depending on the issue at hand and circumstances, the message should be delivered in a way its meaning would be passed on(and gotten).

Nice one off!

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