Everyday we see all kinds of patients, many stretch the word patient to its elastic limit, many are supposedly very educated but are guided internally by traditions and myths they cannot explain.

Hear what Dr Uche Akujobi says (copied with permission)

Today I saw a young lady who I met sometime last yr.
At d time she was pregnant after 12 years of infertility . Her pregnancy was post date and post term and i counselled her for an induction of Labour (IOL). She said I was a small doctor & that she would consider the IOL after discussing with the obstetrician in her next antenatal visit. “No wahala” I said.

Next ANC came and Obstetrician was angry with her for refusing an induction and d pregnancy was further overdue at that point. She was booked for an IOL by the Obstetrician on that very day.
She refused to come. I called her on the phone to ask why she didn’t show up and she told me she would wait for the labour to start on its own, she said her neighbours told her that an IOL is a very bad thing and plenty other crap about how d baby will die, how it is more painful than the normal labour etc.

“No wahala” I said.. after all, no be me give u d belle. Four days later she came in with her bags, she said she was in labour. I examined her – false labour.  So we kept her on observation hoping labour would eventually kick in at some point- it didn’t. Oyana..madam. As you don come with your bags already and this belle is long overdue let’s induce you at once make you born this pikin, you are playing with fire oo. Lai lai she no greeoo, she said her neighbours said this and said that.

Then I asked “Is any of these your neighbours a doctor?” The answer was “no”. Okay… She signed against medical advice and left. She returned again after three days. When I saw her coming in, I was overjoyed… Hey madam, thank God you’ve come for d IOL ? No oh,  she came to pick her bags, she left in such a hurry the last time she even forgot her bags. I sat her down and I said to her, “Madam, it took you 12 yrs to conceive this child. E be like your village people don dey use your brain watch film, when d devil wants to destroy you, he would first remove your ability to hear word, do this induction now. If anyone has had a bad experience with an IOL, believe God it’s not your portion”. She said “Dr leave me, the labor will come at the appointed time” I managed to speak to her husband. He said he supports his wife decision. No wahala.

This is a well educated woman who registered for antenatal care, someone who has an Obstetrician and other doctors at her disposal, someone who could ask any questions and receive professional advice but no she chose to listen to neighbours. After a week she returned at 14:00 hour and said she was now ready to be induced. Haba, “This one you dey find induction this midnight?” Let me examine you first because, I smell something fishy. Behold, the fetal heart beat was no where to b found. “Madam when last did you feel your baby kick ?” I asked. “Day before yesterday ” she said.

Ok oo. Oya come do scan, make we confirm whether you don kill your pikin. Long story short. The baby was dead.
Now she was ready for induction, for a dead baby, but as d devil would have it, IOL failed so she had a C/Section for a dead baby.

Today she wanted to do a pregnancy test. Said she dey feel somehow. . Ok.. “How is Oga na?” I asked. .. long time no see. Oga died in a fatal car accident last month. So sad, PT was negative. I feel bad for her but d truth is it takes just one bad decision to screw up your entire life.

I’m sure u guys can learn a few lessons from Madam’s story.

#Hear word

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