Respect people, be loyal to people, but never turn people to God. Have small coins in your pocket and see the number of people swell around you.

Have a little lifting and see how people turn you to their god. And then it happens, you discover that he promises and fails, you discover he is a man after all, you discover he is not God.

When you deal with people note this..

* God is your source: Yes God is your source, not people.

* Humans are simply channels: That person you are running around has his needs too, that politician you think owns your life is simply a channel and nothing more.

* There is no limit to the channels God can use: God is not a politician, neither does he play petty, He can use any channel to bless you, he can use a Muslim or even a Hindu to bless you. He can use a hard man to promote you. He can use someone in the North to bless you, stop putting God in a box. Because you come from Rumuji does not mean your help or promotion must come from there. That you are Ikwerre does not mean only Ikwerre people can aid you. That you are Rivers does not mean only Rivers people will contribute in your lifting.

* Refuse to be disappointed by men:  Truth is that you cannot put your entire trust in man and man has the capacity to fail. Trust God rather with all your heart.

Musings after a Sunday service…

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