Are you a Faithful man? Will you be the last man standing? How far will you go to protect your family? Will you drift to plan B, when challenges come?

During my ward round three years ago I was visibly stunned and smiled as my patient asked me if she needed another blood transfusion. My special name for her was ‘fighter’, yes, she was a fighter.

Two weeks earlier I got a call when she was brought into the Accident and Emergency Dept; she was convulsing, had a terrible fever, had a stiff neck, her kidneys were on strike, she had an infectious blood disorder and she was in coma.

It was a bad case, I explained to her husband what we had in our hands and told him how bad the situation was. Medically it was very bad but he was so firm in belief that his wife would walk out of the hospital with both legs.

I also explained to him that she will be on dialysis at least three times a week (a whole lot of money). He kept saying he will do anything we will ask him to do and yes he kept his word.

For weeks even when their was no visible sign of improvement; He played his part, staying by her side, stroking her hair, turning her on the bed, speaking things to her, believing she would make it.

We did our best and as God will have it she came out of the coma with her senses intact and she was communicating properly.

As she spoke to me, I left her side and gave her husband a warm handshake. He believed, he never gave up or abandoned her as some others will do. He stood by her.

All I kept asking myself that day was how far will I be willing to go for those I say I love? How much can I truly sacrifice for them? How trustworthy am I? Can I be the one single reason my spouse wakes up and has energy for the day? How trustworthy are you? Can you give your life for your spouse?

Proverbs 20:6 Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, But who can find a trustworthy man? (NABS)

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