Nkechi was so upset, why was her Sammie like this? She had wanted a wonderful engagement party, she always dreamt of having one where her guy would surprise her, probably divide the Red Sea and there and then in the presence of the fishes and the crowd watching and holding banners, her man would kneel down, bring out a rock and put it on her finger, any finger would do.

She had dreamt of this all her life , she had watched it in movies and her best friends Stacie and Shelsea had elaborate engagement parties and as their fiancée’s knelt down, the tears that dropped from her eyes could wet the sands of Sahara Desert. She was lost in thoughts.

Sammie her guy was however not like her girlfriends’ fiancées. He was calm, private, saw no need for a public engagement and in fact was of the opinion that a girl should never be surprised about her engagement. And so one of the days he called her and together they went to shop for her ring, Sammie did not believe he should ask about for her finger size. He got her a good one and then went home with the ring in his pocket.

Whose fiancée takes his fiancé to look for her engagement ring? why can’t Sammie be creative. Sammie was loving, kind and all that she wished for except that he did not believe in a public engagement.

She got so worried, and when she told her friend Zumy who was yet to get married, Zumy said she would not take it, another Zoma said she would leave Sammie if she was in her shoes, another Zika told her it would be bad if she did not have pictures to slay on Facebook and Instagram, who does an engagement without letting the world to know? A grand engagement is one that goes viral Zika says, we will tag all them big blogs.

Surprisingly this issue was driving her crazy, the only blot in Sammie’s book was just this public engagement issue. I will show him what stuff, I am made off she said within herself, how will I not have pictures to show the world on my special day.

Her relationship with Sammie was also suffering, she no longer picked his calls and then she got a message, Stacie just informed her that her wedding was no longer holding despite her elaborate engagement party and Shelsea had been engaged for the past 2 and half years and her man had been held up in a protracted traffic.

She had thought an engagement was the measure of how cool a wedding would be like. She then called her mum who told her she did not even know what an engagement party was and that her dad who was married to her for over 30 years did not give her an engagement ring. They had a wedding and valued their vows.

Come on what was she thinking; she had told herself that she would reject his proposal. And so months ago Sammie came to pick her from work, and just before he dropped her in her house, he packed by the side of the road, brought out the ring, put in her fingers and she cried as she shouted yes, no witnesses, no paparazzi, no upload and no likes on social media.

Like Sammie told her, if he wanted a crowd he would as well have rented a cultural group with masquerades to cheer them on, they have been married for 4 months now and Sammie had been the best decision she had taken



Lol hilarious

She’s even fortunate to have woken up before it was too late.

I’m glad she realised on time.

Thank God she heard word!

Well, for me I really see no reason for the whole engagement jamboree… If there’s a surprise party, fine but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone I’m in a relationship with asks me to marry him because the sole aim of our relationship is to get married na… Just saying sha…
Sometimes I just dey tire to see sisters dey cry…

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