You are minding your business, when you see a young girl who should be in school and who is in the midst of ladies as young as herself who are doctors, running around another young guy in the hospital and is taking good care of him.

Good sister, you suppose, only to hear with your left ear say, just my babe according to the ofor holder and the babe is trying to take her Kingdom by force.

The babe is having a PhD packing vomitus and other things for a guy who is not likely gonna marry her, who thinks she is just one babe, and the babe on the other hand is not even sure of the guy’s commitment, but has to hustle cos momma is around.

Win the momma over and then you win momma’s boy she thinks… Yawns

Oya open your ears and hear.

No matter who a guy is, even if he gives you a ring ( new technique for reducing a mother’s disturbance, and new technique to weaken the lower limbs of a lady and reduce the resistance of a tight leg),  do not give him wife responsibilities, if he is not married to you.


Life is too precious, to turn your life to a laboratory, that is mainly useful for experiments.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, don’t undervalue yourself.

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