He came into the consulting room with a little wound on his right foot which he claimed started as a boil. He was diabetic and after due counselling, I informed him I will be admitting him.

I explained to him that diabetic foot ulcers were not to be taken lightly even if they look harmless. He disobeyed my advice, which was properly documented.

I saw him the next week limping with a swollen right foot and the doctor that saw him gave the same advice as I did earlier on but he refused.

Two weeks later he was brought by his family members, but this time he was barely talking, semi conscious seated on a wheelchair and they were now begging for admission into the hospital.

While in the ward he was reviewed by the orthopaedic surgeons who examined the now very bad foot and advised for an amputation of the dead and dangerous limb.

Standing at the foot of his bed, “I said to myself, what if this man came in earlier? ” Everything big started small. That affair may not start as an affair but as a constant inappropriate discussion with that ‘caring’ colleague of the opposite sex. It may not start as sexual immorality but that harmless kiss when you were slaying and went to visit that guy alone.

It may not start as a broken home but those countless times when you ran away from your responsibility, and refused to be available even when you were physically present.

It may not start as a fight but those words you should not have said, but you decided to still say. It may not start as lung cancer but that little stick of cigarette you could not do without.

It may not start as bankruptcy but that little money you did not save or invest wisely. It may not start as an unwanted pregnancy but that “no” that was too heavy to say.

It may not end as death but that little advice you refused to heed. ” The temptation to give in to evil comes from us and only us. We have no one to blame but the leering, seducing flare-up of our own lust. Lust gets pregnant, and has a baby: sin! Sin grows up to adulthood, and becomes a real killer. James 1:14-15 MSG.

Do not end this year without Jesus Christ, do not end this year without knowing Him personally, do not end this year without giving you life to Christ, do not end this year without rededicating your life to him.

He is the reason for the season and indeed all seasons. Give him your heart, if you are in the wrong direction pause before you’re stopped.

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Word! Good job OVD. More power to your elbow

Thank you so much Uche.

Well said doctor OVD.More grace. Thanks

Indeed big things start small.

I once saw a patient with same storyline as the intro, long story we lost the patient. I remember kept thinking if only she listened that day she walked in with that small toenail injury.

PS : Positive big things also start small too….like that business, that ministry, that writing etc. So listen to that small thing around you.

Small is not just the opposite of big but a process

I can’t think of a better way to paint this sample but life saving truth.
Good work Doc.

Thank you Sir

Good piece of work Dr. OVD. There are so many sayings that go along this line: remove monkey hand for pot before…, etc. Sometimes we need serious help to decide against that small wrong choice, but it’s something we’all have the ability to do. I don’t also get why your patient decided against being admitted, like you said, it’s a small thing and MAY not be that bad after all.

Wimarshez, thanks for your comment

Thank you very much Sir.

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