How beautiful are these bottles? So so beautiful. But these are poison bottles, one contains cyanide and just a sip is enough to cause oxygen hunger.

In fact written on most of the bottles is the word “Poison” and no matter how beautiful the bottles are their contents cannot be consumed without fatal consequences.

My dear do not be deceived by outward beauty, don’t allow the slaying paralyse you… Beauty is skin deep and the real beauty comes from inside out.

Her skin may be flawless, she may have a smoother curve than an hour glass, her teeth may be whiter than a creamy milk drink , she may feel softer than a freshly baked bread, but the question is after the beauty what next? How will this person complement me, how will this person complete me, how will this person weather the storms of life with me and yes life has storms, what happens if her breasts sag and the curves become crocked? What happens if life happens? Can her skin beauty compensate for her ugly attitude?

He may look tall, dark and handsome, he may have all the toys that make life conformable, his voice may have the ability to melt the coldest ice, he may have the ability to sweep you off your feet and still take you to Mount Everest, but the question is, is he faithful? Does he promise you Port Harcourt and gives you Sahara Desert? Does he say the same smooth things to other ladies? Is he willing to wait, for you or does he help himself outside? Will he be the last man standing? Will his serene voice months later quench your flames? Does he raise his voice and hands against you? Does he even listen to you?

If you know you can’t continue the routine, then before you take another sip, know you are about committing suicide.

It may be hard, but you need to drop the beautiful bottle if it contains poison.

In another news

Don’t ever think you can change any person, you are not a mechanic or panel beater, besides humans are not machines you can pimp at your will, you cannot even change yourself by yourself, not to talk of another person.



Changing some1 is an impossible task

No one can change without the person’s consent. Never enter relationships with the sole aim of changing people, you will be in for surprises.


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