Another Saturday, another series of weddings.

Another Saturday, another series of breakup.

Another Saturday, another series of makeup.

Another Saturday, another series of asking out.

Maria you are getting married soon, what’s your guy’s boxers size? It is size 32.

What is his singlet size? XL

How many birthmarks does he have in his body? 13 and he even has one at the upper part of his thigh.

How many times have you guys slept together? Ah ah that one follow too, well I can’t remember, but much and I have lost count.

Wedding colours? Cockroach Brown, ant black, pepper red, sharwama brown, garri white, burnt bole.

Your event? Superb, everything has been sorted out, we would have a grand event.

Sammie you love Marie right? What kind of question is that, of course I do.

What do you love about her? Many things

Like? Ememem, well her waist, her breast, the way she set, her smiles, how she cares about me.

Supposing these change in future? God forbid.

Do you know she was molested when she was 10 years? I don’t, but does it matter, we love our selves.

Do you realize she grew up in a hostile home and the memories still plague her? No, but I am me and when she is around me she is superb and we have super sex.

Does she know your dad was always beating your mum and you have deep wounds inside? How does that matter.

What church would you guys settle down in after marriage? The Lord will decide, we are open.

How would you guys manage your finance? Never thought about that, we are in love.

Marie who does Sammie listen to? Nobody, he listens to nobody, not even me.

Supposing you have an issue and you need someone to talk to Sammie who would you call? Our challenges would never get to that level , why are you wishing us bad luck.

You are the only child of your parents Sammie, supposing your wife does not deliver 1 year after marriage, as your mum is sounding into your ears, what happens? It won’t happen, God of Hannah is our God.

And so every Saturday, many people enter into marriage, more equipped to handle their wedding ceremony than their marriages.

Every Saturday, many people enter into marriage already sexually charged, and spending valuable time they would have spent communicating and building a pattern they would follow in marriage, doing gymnastics on bed.

Open your eyes and your ears.

Love they say is blind, but marriage is surely an eye opener.

Prepare to begin this wonderful journey.

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