Just minding my business and I heard JOB means Just Over Broke… This would have been a wonderful  acronym if Dangote quoted it, or even O. B Lulu Briggs or probably OCJ Okocha, but the person quoting it does not have a job, and he is still over broke.

Fire your own boss…

Be your own boss…

Don’t work for anybody…

If you work for anybody you are a slave…

And these words litter many motivational seminars and business meetings and they make sense as many listeners are either jobless or are in less than satisfying jobs.

Also they help massage egos, who wants to be 2nd? everyone ones wants to be the boss, wants to be called Sir/ Madam and wants to be served.

And many young people jump into businesses and endeavours only with zeal and their emotions and no knowledge or mentorship in the area of their interests, after all they have been told to sack their bosses and have been shown very wonderful pictures of bosses that have arrived.

Some even go as far as dropping from school, as they are told that Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many other dropped out of school, so what is different between them and these ones. Meanwhile they forget that Harvard is not the same with a school that does not even have a website or functional email address, takes 5 years to get a transcript and cannot even give you your certificate the day you graduate…Yawns

The reality is that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has that patience, not everyone can chart a course. In fact most people are better off, helping others achieve their God given vision and assisting others and the beauty of life is knowing which of this you are.

In another news

Mark Zuckerberg finally has a degree from Harvard.

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