Some actions have great consequences…

And many times, the effects are reaped years after the action.

Several times I see young people gulping alcohol in tanks and smoking like chimneys to show that they know ‘wetyn dey’,  and I usually feel concerned.

When these ones have a family history of hypertension or diabetes or other chronic health conditions which many times they don’t know, this concern turns to pity.

When you talk to them and dem no wan #HearWord, or they give you the ” is it your liver?” look, pity turns to “sit down” look.

Many times you see just two or three young guys seated on a table, with more drinks than the number of players on a football pitch. Sometimes they down the contents of these green bottles with filled ash trays by their side.

And so recently I met a very young male who has not yet blown out out up to twenty seven lit candles on his birthday cake, come down with elevated blood pressure with a history of heavy alcohol and tobacco use.

Mind what you gulp, it does not make you a big boy or girl. And come on, if you have issues stopping cigarettes and alcohol, go to the hospital and yes go to God.

Don’t extinguish your life before your time.

What you term enjoyment, may just be embalmment in disguise.



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Nice pieces, u glued me up to my screen until my batteries called for help.
I go follow u bumper to bumper. Thumbs up bro.

Good to have you here Edward. Thanks for going through and for responding.

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