Years ago we laughed at men that spent their time in the pool.

We laughed at them for whiling away their time as they held so tight to their betting slip.

We mocked at them as they lost their fortunes at the pool house.

Today many young people are PhD holders in Nairabet and her other cousins.

Many young men dress and leave the house in the morning not to work or hustle, but to these gamble houses, hoping the day would be their lucky day.

Many young people do not watch football with the same eyes again.

These days young men can bet against their football clubs and in fact wish these clubs lose.

These days Nairabet and other betting companies are taking over shops and complexes and many young people now flock there.

These days many young people spend all their money there hoping they win it big.

Truly there is nothing new under the sun, like pool like Nairabet.

Well what do I know?

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