Many times I am in thoughts about this generation.

Is enough not been done?

Before leaving secondary school, a lot of young people are already sexually active.

And these days sexually active, may not just mean having a girlfriend or girlfriends. But that many young people are bisexual, yeah, both homosexual and heterosexual.

Weeks back I met a young, very young boy, HIV Positive and I also found out that he was a homosexual though he said he had stopped and according to him, he was introduced to it by someone he looked up to and all these were happening with his parents not even aware that their innocent looking son was already deep into homosexuality.

These days too, some young girls not only have sex with fellow young guys, but also engage in anal sex.

In a hospital I worked in, a young girl who had HIV and was admitted for an emergency but was detained after she got better as her relatives could not even pay for her hospital bill and were scouting for money; somehow her secondary school mates were coming with their school uniforms to visit her in the hospital.

It was later found out that those visits were not ordinary and these young guys were coming to the hospital to do gymnastics with the young girl. If only their eyes were open.

These days some young boys think it’s not a big deal to even rape a girl. It’s a man’s world they opine, she dressed anyhow. I even saw a post recently on some SSS 3 males who went to school with scissors which they used to tear the skirts of female students and they attempted to rape them in the open and no one was willing to intervene until a woman stepped in.

Ironically in these parts sex is still not freely discussed, meaning that for most people they are at the mercy of their friends, movies, internet, good and evil teachers, and people they look up to who may even misled them.

This is not the generation were you tell your boys not to follow girls, or your girls not to allow boys to touch them.

You do not fight ignorance with half truths; the onslaught is fierce and real.

In another news,

Days ago, someone told me to stop talking about sexual purity for singles, and focus on telling married people to be faithful.

Unfortunately you cannot count five before one and marriage is not a cure for inability to hear word.

Today I will be talking again to singles, and I will be very passionate about it.

Truth concealed is useless.

Please talk to your children and wards, if you don’t someone else will.

#HearWord #HearWordSeries #sexualpurity

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God bless you Dr Ovundah Nyeche.
Don’t stop talking.

Thank you so much, don’t read this alone.

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