In these parts we love to blame every other person apart from ourselves.

In these parts either an uncle, or aunt, or village person or neighbour is behind your travails.

Here most people including our leaders are experts in passing the buck. However the day you begin to take responsibly for your life that day your morning will begin.

Years ago my mum was scouting for people that would join her do an NGO project and there was this beautiful secondary school leaver that stayed around were we lived.

She fitted the description for who she was looking for; she was not working, was out of school, was willing to do the job and had a sparkling WAEC result.

Of course anyone that has a sparkling WAEC result should be able to read and write, right? And for reasons I don’t know, the lady was in our house that morning and my mum gave her a Bible portion to read and that was where the wahala started.

There and then slay queen started sweating, it was as though they pasted three tubes of super glue on her tongue, the previous high sounding phonetics disappeared.

Bottom line is that the she could not read and that was how the job, jumped and passed her.

I have not seen her for ages, and may not even recognize her whenever I see her.

What happened after then? Would she be motivated to start afresh? Would she be motivated to go back to her foundation or dance around the system and keep going ahead or would she blame others.

In another news,

If you know you intend to build a wonderful building and you notice a crack and you know the foundations have issues, you don’t go about papering over the cracks and using all your arsenals to beat the system.

One day, na one day and e fit happen when building don set already.

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