And few days ago a relative of mine got fed up with her Blackberry phone which was hanging more than a hanger and decided to trash it and buy an android phone.

This same Blackberry that Nollywood did several movies dedicated to it, this same Blackberry that made a lot of people lie and steal, this same Blackberry that made ladies loosen their guards, this same Blackberry that differentiated big boys and girls from small girls and boys, this same Blackberry that was like a rite of passage, this same Blackberry that made many lose their lives.

Unfortunately the next generation may never know it ever existed.

And so when next, the next vanity flashes across your face, when next your friend dangles an iPhone before you, or shows you the latest laptop, or wears the latest human hair, or carries that leopard skinned bag, don’t kill yourself for nothing.

Time and chance happens to us all..

Don’t do a leg over because of an iPhone 7 and while on the bed discover that Apple just released an iPhone 8.

“Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.”


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