Sometimes a gentle internal nudge may just be a prompt alert for response.

Years ago during my internship, I had a nudge to share the gospel with a patient admitted in the HIV ward.

She did not look critical and I was very tired, “I will go later” I said to myself. Boom the nudge came again “I will go” I said to myself again, why would I be in a hurry.

And when I had the time, I bounced majestically to the ward and I walked to her bed and discovered it was empty.

No maybe she was discharged or signed against medical advice ( SAMA), she had difficult relatives, she must have SAMAed.

But then it dawned on me that the worst had happened. Her mattress was out of the bed and when I asked about her I was told she has passed on, I still remember her face.

One other time, a patient I knew was on admission for a particular illness and I felt a nudge to call and ask how the patient was doing. I will call I kept saying and then it happened, I was sent a message that the patient had taken a walk into eternity.

Do you have an irresistible nudge to pray about someone? Do it with all your might. Do you have an irresistible nudge to visit someone?please do, you may just save a life from suicide. Do you have a prompting to call someone?Please do. Do you have a prompting to send someone an encouraging text message? Please do. Do you have a nudge to advise someone? Do.

Do you have a nudge to forgive someone that hurt you so bad?… Do you have a nudge to visit your parents after a long time?… Do you have a nudge to give that old man a flower to smell?… Do you have that nudge to beautify the life of someone?

Just do.. Just do.. It may be the only opportunity you have on this side of eternity.

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