Dearest teenager on social media.

Sex is like planting or farming.

Sex is like planting a seed.

It may be once.

It may not drop into the soil, but near the soil.

It may be one seed that dropped out of the torn seed bag.

The seed may mistakenly drop out of the hand of the farmer.

It may be the farmer’s first time planting in that particular soil.

But once a seed hits the ground, it has the potential to germinate.

I kid you not, your first time having sex can lead to pregnancy and yes taking antibiotics after having sex or even standing so the seed would pour away does not in any way prevent pregnancy.

I kid you not that less than nine minutes of bumping can give you a nine months bump.

Safeguard your future, a pen not a penis should be your greatest fascination.

In another news

These days the sexual history of many teenagers would shock even the devil.

Be that remnant, be that boy or girl who refused to bow down.

And yes #HearWord.

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Great work Dr OVD. Always a pleasure reading your articles.

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