Sounds predictable, many guys want a humble, submissive God fearing wife. But if you really ask them what all this mean, you will definitely hear a thousand different meaning of what the phrase ‘humble, submissive and God fearing’ mean. Many a times it simply means a silent lady, who will do all you tell her to do without questioning. In 21st century terms a Zombie or for the technologically savvy, a robot.

You hear people say my wife has no right to speak when am talking, you also hear who gave you a right to talk when am talking. Many times people’s view of a good woman is one who is seen but never heard. You hear a beautiful young lady saying I love him, I want to marry him, he is caring but he never listens to me.

Truly speaking, I may not have been married for so long, but I cherish the guidance I receive when my wife speaks to me about certain situations. I feel I have it all figured out and boom she shows me an entirely new angle to it and immediately scales fall from my eyes. Many times I have made mistakes and many times because I threw very valuable advice from her. The marriage walk is one where head knowledge and an ‘omniknowest‘ attitude is bound to fail you. As you lead the way, you have to also hear her out. It’s a journey with her, yourself and God, the blessings of synergy surely surpasses mathematical equations.

In another news

What are you doing in a relationship with a lady you will never listen to or a man that will never listen to you. Relationships are built by a 2 way communication

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