Why are you having CS? Nobody in your lineage has had any surgical operation before.

Abeg reject it. God forbid joor, it is not your portion!

Abeg reject it oh, all these doctors do is tell you evil report so that they can collect your hard earned money.

A best friend tells her pregnant paddy.

Unfortunately the only diseases they know is jedi-jedi, toilet infection, the almighty staph, malaria and typhoid. But somehow due to interactions with people and google they now know more than the specialists.

Madam is in labour, madam is bleeding and madam is in a place where they will not tell her to do CS, all these doctors like money and there is no CS record in my family, I will not be the first, what will people say?

And from a little bleeding, blood now pours from below like a fountain. The maternity owner finds out that this one is beyond her pay grade and then refers her verbally to the doctor who told her she needed a CS when it is almost late and she dies on the way before she could get real help.

Fast forward

Months later, or was it years later, her best friend has grown from her late friend’s husband’s encourager-in-chief to his bed sharer, in fact they are now married and she is heavily pregnant.

The doctors told her she would require a CS, and sharp sharp she agrees and is gathering money for the procedure. CS does not run in her family, but who is she to question her doctors. ” I will die and leave my beloved husband in the hands of other ladies. I will not die like my late friend, God forbid.” She says to herself.

“We have a future together and I have learnt my lessons” she says.

Oya open you ears, for those that don’t have ears again, oya put your hands where your ears ought to be and #HearWord before it is too late.

If you Doctor tells you, you need a CS, rather than arguing or saying God forbid. If you are in doubt, seek for a second opinion; And this second opinion should either be in a hospital of same status, a bigger hospital or a Specialist Hospital or Teaching Hospital. You should also bear in mind that in many medical procedures, delay is dangerous.

Second opinions are not sort for in the village, maternity, prayer houses or in the masseur’s room; I know how this route ends and many times e no dey make sense. Stop turning our hospitals to mortuaries, play your part to stop maternal mortality.

Stay alive for your husband and children and stop trying to prove a point to those that do not care.

Hear these words and thank me later.


No Animal was killed in the making of this movie; any coincidence to any character dead, or alive is surely a miracle.

#HearWord #HealthyLiving #HearWordSeries #CSisnotevil#Doctorsarenotagentsofthedevil

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Will they hear?

We will continually play our part…

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