“I put a call across to her and prayed that she will not have a CS. The Doctors had told her she will have a CS because of elevated blood pressure and I told them to wait and glory to God she delivered without the CS”. He said while giving a testimony.

I was sitting on the front seat and feeling so uneasy, I felt like just grabbing the mic from his hands, I also noticed the pastor was uneasy too.

When he mounted on the podium, he asked if the person testifying was married. No Sir. When you get married you will understand better he said. He then spoke extensively on the usefulness of medical science and how it was wrong to impose your faith on another person. He also talked about how he went to the hospital to pray for a patient and counselled another family he met praying to allow their wife do what the doctor has requested.

Okay back to the main talk…

Having a CS does not make you less spiritual, having a CS does not make you not to be a Hebrew woman, having a CS does not quench your faith, having a CS does not make you a weak woman, you must not PUSH to show you are a woman.

You have had 2 CS and a woman advises you that there is one maternity somewhere were you can deliver without hassles- hear me it is the devil in human form speaking to you, you may not make it alive trying this option.

You are a woman and a Doctor tells you, you will have a CS and you pack your bag and leave to a prayer house, you may just pray into eternity.

You are a woman and the doctor tells you, your baby is very big and would likely be delivered via CS and you decide to run to a maternity, also ensure you have money to do the needful when alarm gas.

You are a woman and they begin to tell you to lick okro soup and ogbono so delivery would be sharp sharp and that you should shun the doctor, you are on your own oh.

You are a woman and a person not your doctor tells you, your baby is not well positioned and they would massage your tummy and position your baby well. Better fear God oh, my hand no dey.

You are a woman and you have sickle cell anaemia, you are diabetic or have elevated blood sugar, you have elevated blood pressure, you have HIV or any condition that can jeopardize your life or that of the baby. Biko respect your self and march to a specialist hospital or at least a General hospital that can refer you appropriately to a Specialist hospital if necessary.

A safe mother, baby and dad is the goal.

Not a dead mother, dead or alive baby, a distraught husband and neighbours and in-laws you were trying to prove a point to.

Medical science does not in anyway take God’s glory.

Don’t kill yourself for nothing, thank me later.

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Its unfortunate that even educated people still ignore such valuable counsel to opt for unsupervised child birth…God help us!

Yes o! I’ve had a lawyer with 2previous CS go to a maternity to deliver cos of her mother in law. She was very fortunate to have gotten away with it. Nonetheless, I was shocked to know someone with that level of education could be so ignorant!
And the okro one, that one weak me die. I only heard about it this year. Wahala dey o!

Thanks for commenting Lois.

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